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Are You Considering Tenant Eviction?

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Disputes with your tenants can be resolved at the Landlord and Tenant Board.

Brenell Dean of Sway Law PC can assist you in obtaining an Order for Eviction at the Landlord and Tenant Board. There are a number of ways to evict a Tenant in Ontario. 

Is your Tenant withholding rent?
Is your Tenant constantly paying rent late?
Is your tenant conducting illegal activities in your unit?
Has your tenant missed a rent payment?
Are you in the process of evicting a Tenant, but the matter is becoming increasingly difficult?
Has a tenant left your home damaged?

Termination for unpaid rent. If a Tenant has missed rent payments, owes arrears, or is purposefully withholding rent there may be grounds for an application to terminate the tenancy and collect rent arrears. 

Terminate for interference. This type of application can cover a variety of issues including interfering with the Landlord's legal rights, interfering with other tenants, disturbing the enjoyment of the complex with noise, and many other issues. It is important for Landlords to know that they also have rights in these situations.

Termination for own use. Applications for the Landlord's own use or a purchaser's use must be procedurally accurate to be successful. If you are selling a property or looking to occupy your rental property on a long-term basis it is important to understand your rights and the steps involved. 

Termination for persistently late rent. Typically rent is due on the first day of each month, but the payment date may differ. There are a number of cases where Landlords are well within their rights to evict a Tenant for paying rent late on a persistent basis. It is important for Landlords to understand what the Board considers to be persistently late. 

Termination for Illegal Act. Illegal acts must be taken seriously. From illegal acts of Tenants tampering with smoke detectors to violence and drugs; Landlords have recourse to maintain a peaceful rental unit. 

Termination for Damage. If a Tenant has willingly or negligently caused damage to your property, there may be grounds to apply for the Landlord and Tenant Board to terminate the tenancy and issue an order for the Tenant to pay for repairs or replacement. 

Unpaid utilities and claims against previous tenants. Keep up-to-date on recent changes to the Residential Tenancies Act that now allows Landlords to apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board to collect unpaid utilities. The Residential Tenancies Act has also been amended to allow Landlords to apply to the Board up to one year after a Tenant vacates if the tenant vacates during or after the month of September 2022.

Rent Increase. Landlords must follow strict guidelines when increasing a Tenant's rent, but there are times when applications can be made for the above-guideline increase. 

Sway Law PC. will provide you with effective, adorable, passionate legal representation. The first consultation is always free and we are happy to complete a free review of your file to determine if there are grounds to file an application to terminate a tenancy.  
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