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Real Estate Lawyer

The Lawyers at Dean’s Paralegal Services are here to provide you with effective, professional legal representation in the areas of Real Estate, Estate Planning, Wills, & Power of Attorney. 

Real Estate Lawyer

If you are purchasing or selling a property our Team is pleased to offer efficient, professional services. Our Real Estate Team is comprised of a lawyer, paralegal, & well-trained assistants. Our team has the experience to ensure the clauses of your transaction suit your needs. We vow to work diligently to meet deadlines and complete comprehensive reviews of all documents. 

We offer affordable rates ranging between $400 and $1100 + HST for Sales, Purchases, and Refinances. 

Purchases Starting at $1000.00 +HST 

Refinances Starting at $800.00 + HST 

Sales Starting at $875.00 + HST 

**Additional rates apply for rush service 

The above rates are based on single-family residential properties with no unforeseen complications. In addition to legal fees, reasonable out-of-pocket expenses and HST applies. 

Contact Us for a quote if your transaction involves multi-family residential or commercial properties. 


We also offer additional services as they relate to mortgage instruction, title searches, property tax adjustments and appears, down payments, title registry, mortgage, and document review. 


Wills, Estate Planning, & Power of Attorney 


The Team at Dean's Paralegal Services understands the importance of protecting yourself and your loved ones. Wills are important documents that set out the plan for your Estate until required. Prior to preparing a Will, it is important to have an Estate Plan in place. Our firm assists you in various issues related to drafting or making changes to a will, planning your estate,  or appointing someone to manage your estate until the final distribution including but not limited to naming a guardian for your children, liquidating or distributing your assets, and more. 

Dean's Paralegal Services understands that life happens. Power of Attorney is a good option for those who need a trustworthy individual to make decisions and complete transactions as they relate to finances, property, and/or health care.


The Team at Dean's Paralegal Services & Lawyers can prepare documents which oftentimes avoids the significant expense of having a guardian appointed through the Courts. Planning in advance gives you more control over your decisions. For more information and pricing, you may call us to schedule an appointment or complete the form below for a free half-hour consultation.  


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