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The Long-lasting Effects of Stunt Driving and Speeding Tickets in Ontario: Protect Your License

In recent years, the Province of Ontario has taken a strong stance against dangerous driving behaviours, such as stunt driving and speeding. The consequences of these traffic violations can be severe, leading to hefty fines, demerit points, and even license suspensions. While many drivers may feel tempted to plead guilty to these charges, doing so can have long-lasting effects on one's driving record and insurance premiums. This article will explore the importance of seeking legal representation from a lawyer or paralegal when facing a stunt driving or speeding ticket in Ontario.

Stunt Driving: A Serious Offence with Severe Penalties

Stunt driving is a newly amended offence under the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario. Drivers caught travelling 40 km/he or more above the speed limit on a road where the posted limit is less than 80 km/h can be charged with stunt driving; or driving more than 50km/hr above the posted speed limit in zones that are above 80km/hr. The penalties for this offence are severe and can include 6 demerit points, fines ranging from $2,000 to $10,000, a 6-month jail sentence, and license suspension. Such penalties can have long-lasting effects on a driver's record and potentially their livelihood if driving is a necessary aspect of their job.

Speeding: The Consequences of Pleading Guilty

Speeding tickets are a common occurrence on Ontario's roads. However, pleading guilty to a speeding charge can have serious, long-term consequences on a driver's record, including demerit points, fines, and possible license suspensions. These penalties can also lead to increased insurance premiums, making the decision to plead guilty a costly one in the long run.

When faced with a stunt driving or speeding ticket in Ontario, it is crucial to consider seeking legal representation from a lawyer or paralegal. These legal professionals have the expertise and knowledge of traffic laws and the court system to potentially have your charge reduced, dismissed, or withdrawn.

Hiring a paralegal, in particular, may save you money and demerit points in the long run. Paralegals are licensed professionals who can provide legal advice and representation in specific areas, such as traffic ticket defence. While they typically charge lower fees than lawyers, they can still offer valuable legal assistance to help you navigate the complexities of traffic court.

The long-lasting effects of stunt driving and speeding tickets in Ontario can be severe, impacting your driving record, insurance premiums, and potentially your employment opportunities. Rather than pleading guilty and accepting the consequences, it is essential to seek legal representation from a lawyer or paralegal to protect your interests and potentially save you money and demerit points in the long run. With the right legal advice and representation, drivers facing these traffic violations can make informed decisions and work towards the best possible outcome in their case.

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