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Employment Law

Sway Law is here to provide you with effective, and passionate legal representation in the Superior Court of Justice, Small Claims Court, OLRB CPP Disability, ODSP & WSIB Appeals.

Sway Law is here to provide you with effective, and passionate legal representation for employment disputes. 

At Sway Law, our focus is providing strategic advice and vigorous representation in employment disputes and contract negotiations. We are here to ensure your rights are upheld in accordance with the Employment Standards Act, 2000, and recent legislative changes.

Have you been terminated without notice or cause? We understand the shock and hardship that can accompany sudden job loss. Our legal team is adept at scrutinizing termination clauses and ensuring that employers adhere to the legislated notice periods or pay in lieu of notice.

Has your employer substantially reduced your working hours or laid you off indefinitely? This can often be construed as constructive dismissal. We can help you understand your legal rights and potential remedies in such circumstances, providing you with a clear path forward.

If you've been dismissed for a mistake you made, it's important to know that employers have a high bar to meet to justify a dismissal for cause. You may have recourse, and our experienced lawyers can provide a thorough assessment of your circumstances to help protect your rights and secure appropriate remedies.

Have you been terminated due to a disability or inability to perform the work? It's crucial to know that employers have a duty to accommodate to the point of undue hardship. Our team can help ascertain if your rights have been infringed, and passionately advocate for you if they have been.

At Sway Law, our mission is to provide affordable, effective, and compassionate legal representation. We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge and fighting tirelessly for their rights. If you are facing an employment dispute, don't hesitate to reach out. We are here to guide you every step of the way.

CPP Disability & WSIB Appeals

The Canada Pension Plan Disability program provides financial assistance for CPP contributors who are no longer able to work due to disability. If approved, benefits are paid on a monthly basis to the applicant and his or her dependent children. If you believe you fall within this category, you may need legal advice. Call Sway Law for more information on CPP Disability.

Navigating the WSIB system can be difficult and time-consuming. At times, the process can even become quite frustrating due to language barriers or the extent of injuries. Many people are not familiar with their rights as injured workers. If you are interested in returning to work, appealing a WSIB decision, recovering money for non-economic loss, pension entitlement, health care benefits, or other monetary amounts you may need the advice of a paralegal. Sway Law is skilled and competent in helping clients through the WSIB process.

A denied ODSP application can have life-altering effects. However, there are cases where decisions can be changed. If you believe you fall into the category of a disabled person or if you simply want advice to navigate the complex system Sway Law is here to help you with your ODSP Application, request for reconsideration, or appeal. 



Human Rights Tribunal

At Sway Law, we hold a deep conviction that everyone deserves equal rights and opportunities without discrimination. Our firm is committed to upholding and enforcing the provisions of the Ontario Human Rights Code, ensuring that your rights to fairness and equality in specific areas are protected.

Do you suspect you are being subjected to discrimination based on your race, colour, ancestry, creed (religion), place of origin, ethnic origin, citizenship, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity), sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status, disability, or receipt of public assistance? Such acts of discrimination are not just wrong; they're unlawful. Our dedicated legal team can help you understand your rights and advise you on the best steps to challenge and remedy such injustices.

Has your employer failed to provide reasonable accommodation for you, especially when it pertains to disability or other protected grounds under the Human Rights Code? Employers have a duty to accommodate to the point of undue hardship. Our experienced paralegals and lawyers can assess the particulars of your situation and assertively advocate for your rights.

If you've been terminated due to a disability or because you were unable to perform the work, it's important to understand that you may have a human rights claim. Our team is adept at handling these sensitive matters, ensuring you are treated with respect and dignity as we fight for your cause.

At Sway Law, we don't just provide legal advice; we provide guidance, empathy, and a fierce dedication to justice. We believe in offering affordable, competent, and passionate legal representation to all. If you believe you've been a victim of discrimination, reach out to us today. We stand ready to fight for your rights and your dignity.


ODSP Appeal 

At Sway Law, we understand individuals may be unable to work as a result of a disability. If you've been denied public assistance through the Ontario Disability Support Program and believe you are entitled to assistance. Sway Law can help you through the appeals process. 

Ontario Labour Relations Board

The Ontario Labour Relations Board deals with disputes between an employee and employer that are governed under statutes such as the Labour Relations Act or the Occupational Health & Safety Act. 

At Sway Law, we are devoted to safeguarding employees' rights and promoting fair workplace practices. We offer expert advice and passionate legal representation in a range of employment issues.

If you believe your employer is disregarding the terms of your contract, we can meticulously evaluate your situation, clarify your rights, and recommend appropriate legal actions.

Should your employer be imposing conditions that contradict Occupational Health and Safety standards, our committed team is prepared to champion your cause. We understand the importance of a safe work environment and will fight to uphold your rights.

Encountering issues with your trade union can be unsettling. Our proficient legal team can navigate through the complexities, assisting you in resolving your union-related concerns effectively and efficiently.

If your workplace is engaging in unfair labour practices, we stand ready to advocate for justice. Our firm is well-versed in labour law and regulations, and we are prepared to challenge any unfair practices you may be facing.

Sway Law is dedicated to offering affordable, competent, and passionate legal representation. If you're experiencing employment-related disputes, don't hesitate to reach out. We are here to help you assert your rights.


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