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Sway Law is here to provide you with effective legal representation in all areas of criminal defense. 

Call our experienced team for legal advice, before pleading guilty.


At Sway Law, our lead Paralegal, Brenell Dean, brings a wealth of experience to the table when it comes to defending clients charged with summary conviction offences. Mrs. Dean is a wealth of knowledge, as a prior Criminal Law Instructor. 


Her background includes working alongside a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Windsor, where she developed a deep passion for zealous negotiations and advocacy. 


Mrs. Dean is acutely aware of the potentially devastating consequences of a criminal conviction and is committed to advocating tirelessly for her client's rights. With her extensive knowledge and expertise, you can rest assured that you will receive effective defense in a variety of criminal offences, including but not limited to Simple Assualt Charges, Fraud and theft under $5,000.00 Charges, Driving Offences, and other summary conviction criminal charges. 


At Sway Law, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest levels of criminal defence and ensuring that their rights are protected throughout every stage of the legal process. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Mrs. Dean and take the first step towards achieving a favourable outcome in your criminal defence case.



We understand the stress and fear of being in custody and the impact it can have on your life.  We know that you want to be released as soon as possible and we have the experience in conducting Bail Hearings and Bail Reviews to help get you out.  With experienced lawyers, representing clients with all varieties of criminal charges, we can make ourselves available on short notice to conduct your hearing.

Why delay?  Call us today and let us help you!


Can't afford a lawyer for your Summary Offence?


Summary Convictions

Paralegals can defend individuals who have been charged with summary conviction offenses. Representation from a paralegal offers a more affordable option when you've been charged with a minor criminal offense. 

Have you been charged with theft under $5000?

Have you ever been charged with fraud under $5000?

Have you ever been charged with simple assault?

Have you ever been out at night and ended up being charged with uttering a threat?

Have you ever been charged with michief under $5000?


Sway Law offers affordable legal representation to those who have been charged with summary conviction offenses.  The offenses listed above are known as summary conviction offenses. Summary conviction offenses can carry a jail term of up to two years less a day or a fine of up to $5000 dollars. Although these may be considered “minor” criminal offenses, these offenses can still carry great consequences if you are convicted. Have any questions? Contact us today. We provide affordable, passionate, and effective legal representation. 



Provincial Offences

Have you charged under the Dog Owners Liability Act?

Has your dog been caught at large?

Have you been accused of failing to restrain your animal?

Have you been charged under The Pawnbrokers Act?

 Have you been charged under any other Provincial Offences?

Have you been charged under The Trespass to Property Act?


You may have questions regarding your charges and Sway Law  may be able to answer them. Sway Law can assist you in fighting these offences and more.



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