CPP Disability, ODSP &
WSIB Appeals

Dean’s Paralegal Services is here to provide you with effective, and passionate legal representation for CPP Disability, ODSP & WSIB Appeals.

CPP Disability & WSIB Appeals

The Canada Pension Plan Disability program provides financial assistance for CPP contributors who are no longer able to work due to disability. If approved, benefits are paid on a monthly basis to the applicant and his or her dependent children. If you believe you fall within this category, you may need legal advice. Call Dean’s Paralegal Services for more information on CPP Disability.

Navigating the WSIB system can be difficult and time-consuming. At times, the process can even become quite frustrating due to language barriers or the extent of injuries. Many people are not familiar with their rights as injured workers. If you are interested in returning to work, appealing a WSIB decision, recovering money for non-economic loss, pension entitlement, hearth care benefits, or other monetary amounts you may need the advice of a paralegal. Dean’s Paralegal Services is skilled and competent in helping clients through the WSIB process.

A denied ODSP application can have life-altering effects. However, there are cases where decisions can be changed. If you believe you fall into the category of a disabled person or if you simply want advice to navigate the complex system Dean's Paralegal Services is here to help you with your ODSP Application, request for reconsideration, or appeal. 



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