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Our team has 10+ years of combined experience. Meet our paralegals below.

Brenell Dean,

founding partner of Dean’s Paralegal Services has diligently and tirelessly served Windsor and the surrounding area since March 2018 in the areas of Small Claims Court and Landlord Representation. Mrs. Dean had many requests to service Clients in new areas of law and Mrs. Dean Answered the Call. In 2020 Dean’s Paralegal Services expanded into a general partnership of 5 paralegals.  Mrs. Dean has a unique background in real estate investing and property management. These skills have led to a deeper understanding of the law as it relates to representation at the Landlord and Tenant Board. Mrs. Dean also has 10 years of extensive community service experience, where Mrs. Dean was involved with such organizations as Afforest-UWindsor, Sisters Taking Action for a New Direction, The Downtown Mission, Raising Autism Awareness, Youth Embracing Today’s Youth, the YMCA and Pre-Law Student Society at the University of Windsor. While maintaining a sense of pride in her community, Brenell Completed an Honors Degree in French and Psychology at the University of Windsor. Mrs. Dean holds a B.A. [H] French Studies & Psychology from the University and has graduated from the Paralegal Program at St. Clair College.  Alongside her paralegal practice, Dean returned to St.. Clair College in the roll of part-time instructor.   Mrs. Dean comes from a family with a rich history in the legal field as a direct relative of Delos Davis, one of Canada’s first black lawyers, the Honorable Justice Dean and others spanning across Canada and the United States. Mrs. Dean’s education and volunteer experience has given her the necessary skills to represent Clients in the Legal Field with the utmost organization and professionalism. Mrs. Dean’s experience in the community gives her in-depth, firsthand knowledge of the area’s unique demographic and legal needs of the community. As a member of the Law Society of Ontario, Mrs. Dean vows to uphold her business ethically and raise every issue fearlessly to the benefit of her Client.

Len Ancheta,

is a licensed paralegal and a partner at dean’s paralegal services. Prior to becoming licensed Mr. Ancheta has worked in a legal support role to lawyers and paralegals at various law offices and professional establishments around Windsor. Mr. Ancheta also has experience working in the medical care field.  Upon becoming a licensed paralegal with the LSO, Len immediately opened his own paralegal practice in Windsor. In July 2020, Len joined Dean’s Paralegal Services as a partner and is now ready to provide legal services relating to small claims, and minor criminal offences.

Len is a dedicated student and a passionate learner. Len’s unique experience in support roles has led him to have a unique and compassionate way of representing clients and fearlessly raising every issue to the benefit of those he represents.

Jacqueline Velasquez,

is partner and a licensed Paralegal at Dean’s Paralegal Services. After graduating with an Honours Degree in Criminology and a specialization in Youth, Crime and Justice, Jacqueline found a passion for the law. Ms. Velasquez went on to receive a Paralegal diploma from Durham College. In September 2019, Ms. Velasquez became a member of Law Society of Ontario as a licensed Paralegal. In addition to her experience in the legal field working in various law offices, she has also been involved with numerous non-profit organizations that support women’s rehabilitation and independence.

Ms. Velasquez is now bringing her experience in the legal field to Dean’s Paralegal Services to offer affordable and effective representation in provincial offences matters including Traffic Offences and representation in the Small Claims Court for personal injuries. Jaqueline’s experiences in offering women their independence and her knowledge of the law gives her the ability to raise fearlessly every issue to the benefit of her client. 

Chelsea Couture,

is a Licensed Paralegal and a partner at Dean’s Paralegal Services. Chelsea obtained her Paralegal diploma from St. Clair College in 2016 and has worked in a legal support role to lawyers within the Windsor community in the area of Personal Injury law. In addition to Ms. Couture’s experience in the legal field she also has years of customer service experience. Ms. Couture is now ready to bring her legal experience and customer service experience together to provide quality legal services to Windsor and Essex County in relation to Human Rights matters, Employment disputes and in the Small Claims Court for personal injuries. Chelsea has a passion for the legal field and is a proud member of the Ontario Paralegal Association.  Ms. Couture’s experience has brought her to join Dean’s Paralegal Services to offer affordable, compassionate and effective legal services while fearlessly raising every issue to the benefit of the client.

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