Traffic Offences &

Summary Convictions

Dean’s Paralegal Services is here to provide you with effective, and passionate legal representation for traffic offences & summary convictions. 

Highway Traffic Offences

Have you ever been charged speeding?

Are you finding it difficult to get insurance coverage?

Are you at risk of having your license suspended?

Have you been charged with Student Driving?

Has your car been impounded?

Have you been charged with distracted driving?

Have you been charged with driving with a suspended license or without insurance?


Being found guilty of traffic offences can have serious long-term implications for your insurance. Dean’s Paralegal Services can help you fight these highway traffic offences and more.

Summary Conviction

Have you been charged with theft Under $5000?

Have you ever been charged with disorderly conduct?

Have you ever been charged with simple assault?

Have you ever been out at night and ended up being charged with trespassing at night?

Have you ever been charged with issuing a trade stamp?


Dean’s Paralegal services offers legal representation to those who have been charged with summary conviction offences.  The offences listed above are known as summary conviction offences. Summary conviction offences can carry a jail term of up to two years less a day or a fine of up to $5000 dollars. Although these may be considered “minor” criminal offences, these offences can still carry great consequences if you are convicted. Have any questions? Contact us today. We provide affordable, passionate, and effective legal representation.



Provincial Offences

Have you charged under the Dog Owners Liability Act?

Has your dog been caught at large?

Have you been accused of failing to restrain your animal?

Have you been charged under The Pawnbrokers Act?

 Have you been charged under any other Provincial Offences?

Have you been charged under The Trespass to Property Act?


You may have questions regarding your charges and Dean’s Paralegal services may be able to answer them. Dean’s Paralegal Services can assist you in fighting these offences and more.



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